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Custom cabinets allow you complete freedom in the design and construction of the cabinetry. You have the freedom to choose every detail. We can even match existing details to make your cabinetry match/coordinate in an existing space.


There is no standard cabinet size, door style, or material limiting your design. If a 16 1/8" cabinet is needed, then that's what will be produced. This offers greater flexibility and capacity for storage. You can also add storage features, integrated appliances, custom panels for appliances, additional shelves or pulls outs, and so much more! You can make your cabinetry function exactly the way you want in any style you want.


Interior Millwork

  • Stairs & Railings

  • Cabinets

  • Doors

  • Moulding & Trims 

  • Mantels

Exterior Millwork

  • Columns & Posts

  • Pergolas

  • Cupolas & Weathervanes

  • Outdoor Railings  

There are a LOT of types of millwork. Here are a few examples.


YES! You need an expert to analyze your space, review architectural constraints, recommend appropriate appliance sizes, design the best working layout, specify and build the cabinetry to precise measurements, and coordinate proper installation. Every inch in a kitchen counts. As the first part of our design process, we provide the detailed layout options and the 3-dimensional perspective views so you can fully visualize your new space. Our technical expertise then continues through the critical stages of the Preliminary Shop Drawings, to the Production Shop Drawings, to our Workshop, and to your Home.  This is a carefully coordinated process with the YCC Cabinets team to make sure your kitchen looks great and functions properly for years to come.



Before we can answer the question "How much would this kitchen cost?" we have a few details we need to understand: we need to know rough measurements, finish type, wood species, door style, options, etc. Of course, a kitchen plan usually evolves significantly from the time we first meet to the final product, but we can get started with a ballpark price once we have most of the basics.


Cabinetry is a big part of the project budget, along with the appliances and general constructions costs. We explain the many other cost components of the project so we are all starting with the same realistic expectations.  This is the key to a successful working relationship and our Clients trust us to guide them in making the best decisions. 


With many years of experience in high quality residential design and construction, extensive cabinetry expertise, owning our own fabrication shop, and the combined talents of our hardworking team-- you can't afford not to work with us!


Estimates are only approximations of your potential costs based on the information provided for us. In our estimating process we seek to include everything you ask for at the best price without sacrificing quality. We don't want to have to come back to you during the remodel process and ask for more money nor do we want to cut corners to come in on budget. Our goal is to be upfront and honest about where your money will go and what you will get for it.

Estimates will change as your project develops. A change in countertop materials can change your budget by thousands of dollars. We do our best to help you make informed decisions and to make alterations to the design and selection of items that will get your project in line with your budget.

Please be advised that comparing prices from one manufacturer to another is rarely an apples to apples situation. Unless you have specified all the construction details, moldings, appliances, flooring, plumbing, lighting selections, etc then you are not getting a direct comparison. It is always in your best interest to have a discussion about what has and has not been assumed by anyone giving you an estimate.


That is a very personal question and the answer will be absolutely unique to you. Without knowing more about your personal tastes and your home we can't give you an accurate amount. We can provide you with some local averages that include start to finish costs on remodel projects.


Keep in mind these are not specific to your neighborhood or personal preferences.

According to the 2022 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report ( remodeling costs for Minneapolis and surrounding areas are:

Minor Kitchen Remodels

Midrange home owners spent an average of $27,948

Major Kitchen Remodels

Upscale home owners spent an average of $155,963

Bath Remodels

Upscale home owners spent an average of $82,294

**These numbers are not indicative of your specific neighborhood and remodel needs nor do they account for changes in the economy.


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