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Cabinetry Only

Just the Cabinetry:

We work with many customers who have hired an outside design professional. This can be an Architect, Interior Designer, or Kitchen and Bath Designer. We are always happy to collaborate with other professionals!

For those of you who need a little more help read on for our Full Service Option.


Full Service Cabinetry

Getting to Know Each Other:

The ideas start flowing quite quickly at your free design consultation. Bring all your photos, thoughts and questions to this highly creative and educational session.  A realistic conversation about budgets and expectations is the best way to ensure everyone is on the same page. A successful project is based on open communication and mutual respect. This is a great opportunity to make sure the project is a good fit for everyone.


Starting the Design Process:

Your first meeting has generated enough ideas, confidence and excitement to officially get your project started. With a signed Design Agreement and Design Deposit, YCC is ready to jump in with a visit to your home for measurements and photographs. As every project is a unique opportunity to explore new layouts for your home, please keep an open mind as we explore different options with you. You will have the opportunity to revise your design and selections throughout this process. We are dedicated to providing you all the time and information you need to ensure you get the best results.


Starting Your Cabinetry Shop Drawings:

Your overall layout and appliance decisions are finalized, and your cabinetry price is estimated to make sure you are comfortably within budget. The detailed Shop Drawings are now ready to be started with a 50% deposit. These specialized CAD drawings will include recommended architectural changes, framing, appliances, plumbing and electrical notes, as well as critical interior and exterior details of your cabinetry. They will be shared with you and the professionals on your project to ensure YCC’s designs are fully coordinated.


Making All the Fun Decisions:

Pulling together all the materials, colors, styles and textures, as well as the technical details, is a highly interactive and creative process at YCC. Our 3-dimensional drawings, will give visual support for your decisions, and the YCC design team will share all our expertise and advice, to help you make coordinated choices to maximize aesthetics and functionality.


Your New Cabinetry is Ready to Arrive:

Production of your cabinetry is finished and we are ready to deliver to your home. The final payment for your cabinetry is due now. Flooring should be installed, walls primed, ceilings painted, and heat/air conditioning in working condition.


Managing your Project from Start to Finish:

YCC knows how to manage your project quickly, efficiently and professionally. We prepare a detailed budget and time line to make sure we are all starting with realistic expectations. We have spent years developing relationships with quality reliable professionals to ensure the work gets done right.


Now it’s Time to Relax and Enjoy Your New Cabinets!

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